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An Innovative success focused Manufacturer's marketing agency. Proven success through strategic and well thought action with extreme work effort. We work smart and we work a lot.

Having 30 plus years of key relationships we can analyze specific products for our market and achieve successful market sales and locations. We understand timing for new companies, re positioning for heritage companies and how to re brand, re position and achieve mutually agreed success.


Nobody Ever Regretted Owning the Best.

Well, so far the times are better. There are more people in more showrooms and they are starting to buy more than a year ago. They are buying more than 3 years past and they are spending more for more extensive remodel. The dam has backed up and the split way is creating some business. Let us hope this is the beginning of something great. This was a great week. I have placed more displays than in 3 years. Money is still tight but there is a return to quality. It seems that after a few years of buying Cheap products customers are returning to better value. To products built to retain their beauty and function for many more years. Why buy every couple of years when you can buy once.

"Nobody ever regretted owning the best."

 Background image by Thomas Ramos