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An Innovative success focused Manufacturer's marketing agency. Proven success through strategic and well thought action with extreme work effort. We work smart and we work a lot.

Having 30 plus years of key relationships we can analyze specific products for our market and achieve successful market sales and locations. We understand timing for new companies, re positioning for heritage companies and how to re brand, re position and achieve mutually agreed success.


Made in the USA

Made in the USA is more than a buzz phrase it is imperative that we as a nation get to the business of buying and employing Americans. This starts today and with everything you buy. We have made a 10 year effort to represent products which are made in the USA. We have been somewhat successful.

Americh is made in California 100% Colonial Bronze is 100% made in the USA and they are Green (LEEDS) certified. Water Decor faucets are made in the USA (German Cartridges only) ACO Channel Drains are made in the USA 50% (Channel made in USA,Grates made in Germany)

We will continue to proudly represent quality produces from the best sources but we ask you to help us represent more "Made in the USA" products. If you see a product which is made here in the USA I want represent them. Please Help us work these products and let us all recover our economy.

 Background image by Thomas Ramos